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Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

A globally competitive education, training, research and innovation system for sustainable development.

Mission Statement

To provide, promote and coordinate quality education, training and research; and enhance integration of Science, Technology and Innovation into national production systems for sustainable development.

Core Values

In pursuit of our vision and mission, we will be guided by the following fundamental core values:

  • Transparency, accountability and integrity – We are committed to delivering our services in an honest, accountable and transparent manner.
  • World-class benchmarking standards – We commit ourselves to deliver based on international standards for global competiveness.
  • Excellence and team work – We embrace excellence in service delivery, teamwork and collaboration both among internal team members and with external stakeholders in the delivery of services.
  • Respect for human rights and gender sensitivity – We shall render services without any discrimination regardless of race, ethnic background, religion, gender and social status
  • Professionalism, ethical and evidence based decision making – Service deliver will be based on the highest professional standards and ethics. Decisions made will, as much as possible, be based on objectively verifiable facts.
  • Innovation and creativity – Service delivery will be improved through continuous and creativity in new and more efficient methods.