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Local Contractors Set To Benefit From Classroom Construction

Local contractors in Machakos County have been urged to take advantage of the Government’s Competence Based Curriculum Infrastructure (CBC) programme and apply for contracts for the construction of classrooms through the coordinating Multi Agency Team.

Speaking during a meeting with parents in Machakos Boys High School, Education Cabinet Secretary, Prof George Magoha, said that the government has mapped all schools across the country, which have classroom deficit.

“This is inclusive of Machakos School which lacks eight classrooms. He promised that the first phase of four classrooms will be completed by April and the remaining will be done with by January 2023 in the next budget,” said Prof Magoha.

“The National Treasury has been directed to avail to the Ministry of Education at a cost of Sh8 billion for construction of 10000 classrooms in secondary schools across the counties in the county,” added Prof Magoha.

He said that the Ministry of Education also availed Sh1.2 billion from its infrastructure funds for construction of additional 1,600 classrooms totaling to 11,600 classrooms which fall under phase one of the project that seeks to construct approximately 20,000 classrooms that will aid learners in 2023.

“Phase one of the project seeks to help in ensuring that all the CBC learners that will be transitioning to secondary school in January 2023 will have adequate classrooms,” he added.

The Education CS stated the registration exercise set to end on November 12, 2021, is free of charge and no one should pay or show any form of financial capability here. He directed all chiefs to sensitize the local contractors.

“I wish to emphasize that the registration exercise is free of charge and no one should provide any fee or show the capability of finance. Chiefs should sensitize the local contractors within their areas,” Magoha said.

He added that 21 counties had made their positive returns as of Friday 4 November to the Multi Agency Implementation Committee and urged the remaining ones to do so within the stipulated time.

“I wish to commend those counties that have already made their returns and ask the remaining to ensure that they make their report before closure of the registration,” Magoha said.

He urged all those involved in the programme to show patriotism and play their role to ensure that the classrooms are completed within the set timeline to realize the value for money and maximum benefit for the Kenyan students.

Prof Magoha assured the country that through the programme, the government is out to expand the capacity of all secondary schools to support 100 per cent transition and accommodate all learners in grade 7 come the year 2023.

The CS called upon well-wishers who are able to support needy students, who cannot afford some of the necessities, to do so in good faith to avoid risking the lives of the students by sending them home for extra charges.

“No teacher is allowed to send a child home for extra charges. We must treat them as human beings and consider that most of these children’s parents have nothing to offer. Those who are able should be able to support them,” he said.

Prof Magoha warned students against burning school buildings and falsely attributing this to pressure caused by Corona pandemic where he called on teachers to be on the lookout and ensure that CCTV cameras are operational so that they can be able to establish the causes of the fire.

“Anyone aiding students to burn schools should stop immediately. Students should stop the uncouth behavior of burning schools to avoid punishments that will soon be laid on them,” he warned.

He further thanked all the stakeholders and elected leaders who are committed to support the construction in Machakos Boys where he lauded parents for helping in instilling discipline in their children.

The Multi Agency working team has been collaborating with the Education Sector to ensure that Every Child Matters by being involved in a number of projects.

The classroom construction is among the many projects that have been set aside to ensure that every learner is comfortable in class.

The Government through the Ministry of Education, introduced CBC in 2019. In preparation for the smooth transition into junior secondary school in 2023, the government has established the CBC Infrastructure Development Programme to upscale the current infrastructure to accommodate CBC needs in the targeted schools by constructing 11,600 classrooms.

The Multi-Agency Taskforce has been set up to coordinate the implementation of the programme and ensure effective and timely communication of the programme.

As published in, By Rachael Kilonzo and Janet Shitote

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