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Director of Technical Training

Holds a PhD in TVET from the University of Newcastle, Australia. Holds an MBA, Kenyatta University (KU); MED (Administration and Planning), University of Nairobi (UON) and B.Ed. in Technology – Moi University. Is a fellow of the Institute of Engineering Technologists and Technicians of Kenya; and member of the Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association.
Has worked in TVET sector for over twenty one (21) years; joined Ministry of Education Headquarters in 2004. Has a vision to have a TVET System that is a head of industry. Is responsible for technical training strategies and policy formulation and implementation.  Management and governance of National Polytechnics and Technical training colleges; collaboration, partnerships and linkages in development of TVET programmes and projects; Research, Innovations and Technology transfer in TVET as well as Re-branding of TVET


Provision of skills and competencies is critical for the development of hands-on workers and a skilled human resource base for national development. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions are responsible for offering programmes that equip the graduates with quality and relevant skills and competencies to meet the needs of the labour markets.
The Constitution of Kenya provides under its 2nd schedule that upon devolution TVET institutions shall be under the responsibility of the National Government whereas the village polytechnics, craft centres and farmers training centres and by extension similar institutions that train operators in vocational trades and skills, shall be under the responsibility of respective County Governments. Arrangements are underway to decentralize the operations of the Ministry including TVET to all the 47 counties.

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