Ministry Of Education


State Department For Post Training & Skills Development


  • To promote an Institutional Framework to devise and implement a national sectoral and workplace strategies to develop and improve the skills of the Kenyan workforce and to integrate those strategies within the National Qualifications Framework
  • Overseeing skills Development among Actors and establishment of sector specific skills Council
  • Establishment and management of institutional frameworks for linking industry skills development and training
  • Implementation of the Industrial attachment Policy
  • Harmonization of skills training at all levels of Training
  • Management of National Skills Development Fund
  • Implementation of National apprenticeship Policy
  • Development and implementation of Employment Data Base system with linkages to all cadres of graduates and jobs in the market
  • Assessing industrial training, Testing and Occupational Skills and awarding Certificates including Government Test Certificates
  • Registration and approval of Professional Bodies
  • To improve productivity in the workplace and the competitiveness of Employers
  • To promote self employment
  • To improve the delivery of social services





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