Ministry Of Education



Administration Department

The Administration Department is headed by Senior Deputy Secretary who is responsible to the Principal Secretary for coordination of support services.

Mandate and Functions

To coordinate all the support services of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. The specific functions include, among others:

1. General Administration

        · Coordination and general administration of the State Departments and its various support departments

        · Coordination parliamentary business and statutory reports

        · Facilitate the development of Cabinet Memos

        · Handling complaints and petitions on Ministry programs

2. Supervision of the Accounts Section to ensure the application of sound principles, systems and techniques in accounting for Government finances and management of accounting information.

3. Supervision of the Supply Chain Management Unit to ensure the application of sound principles, techniques and procedures pertaining to stock control, procurement, custody, verification and disposal of obsolete, redundant and unserviceable store.

4. Supervision of the Human Resource Management Division

5. Supervision of the Human Resource Development Division in designing training and human resource development needs and thereafter implement training programs to meet identified needs.

6. Oversee the Finance Division, the Public Communications Units, Central Planning and Project Monitoring Units, Counseling Services Units and the ICT Unit to ensure that they conform to the targets set out in the Principal Secretary’s Performance Contract.

7. Implement and coordinate the implementation and achievement of all the targets set out in the Principal Secretary’s Performance Contract, by all departments within the State Department of Education Implement.

8. Any other functions and duties assigned by the Principal Secretary

Complains/corruption or complements